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Please give us a call us so we can share with you our extensive menu and fully discuss your needs: 303.722.2817.  Thank you for your interest!

A few of our most popular items:

Premium Green Chile with Pork
Top of the line! A Ricrich stew-style chile with chunks of pork, tomatoes and chiles. Mild or spicy, but not too hot! Applications include smothering burritos, enchiladas, huevos rancheros, or rellenos; as a soup, ingredient for dips, or with potatoes for stew. It's a great complement for most means and vegetables. Make any breakfast item Mexican with this sauce.

Refried Beans
Extra whole beans add to the authenticity and homemade flavor of Tico's quality. All vegetable shortening- no lard, truly vegetarian.

Beef Taco Filling

Lightly seasoned ground beef that holds up well for a variety of uses, from buffet lines to steam tables.

Enchilada Sauce
A mild, smooth tomato based sauce. Get as a base for cooked items or aa mild topping for other items.

Vegetarian Green Chile
A full flavored spicy sauce mixing tomatoes, chiles and onions.

Chile Verde Bravo
Very spicy tomatillo based sauce with chunks of pork.

Fiesta Red Chile
Traditional chile with beans. Great flaor to complement any cuisine

Ask us about our rice, salsas and more.